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This part is used to correct the slack and/or “creaking” on the handlebar. The flexible material takes some of the vibrations and protect your scooter from premature wear and damages. It is served in different thicknesses according to the handlebar clearance. In addition, it can also be made in flexible material.


  • Corrects handlebar slack.
  • Corrects the “creaking” of the handlebar (For this case, it is advisable to order with flexible filament).


piezas antiholgura xiaomi m365


Both versions

Insert into the hole in the handlebar lock.

Once put the piece is recommended to leave a little slack, so that the handlebar does not look something 100% rigid next to the wheel.

With a good fit it should not be too difficult to open and close the lever.

If it does not close, the number is too large. It can be solved by unscrewing the screw a little.

How to correct slack and cracks on the handlebar

RIGID Version

If it does not enter, reduce the remaining lateral material until it fit.


  • 0.4mm AntiSlack.
  • 0.6mm AntiSlack
  • 0.8mm AntiSlack
  • It can be made of rigid or flexible material.


  • Black
  • White
  • Red



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