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3D Accesories for your Xiaomi Mijia M365 Scooter

Hook v2

This part serves to hang bags and / or backpacks to the skate. It is very resistant, holds more than 3kg of cargo without problem.

It is screwed with the same original screws.

Improved version of version V1 that does not fly the load if it is light.


  • Carry bags on your scooter.
  • Resistant material.
  • Screw with the original screws.
  • Nail that prevents the exit of bags when moving.

gancho xiaomi m365


  1. Remove the original screws.
  2. Place the hook.
  3. Insert the original screws again.
    1. Be sure to insert it perpendicular to the mast.
    2. Do not force the screws.
    3. Do not over tighten the screws. Just enough to fix the hook and little else. If you squeeze, you will break the hook because the plastic is weaker than the metal of the mast and the screws.
    4. Make sure you have the front screws of the mast tightened.


  • Black
  • White
  • Red



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